Used Inkjet Machine Riso Orphis FW5230 120ppm
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    Orphis FW5230
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We,XIAMEN KREYOLY OFFICE SUPPLIES CO.,LTD, can offer you used riso's duplicator and comcolor machines: like RZ970, RZ570, MD5460, ComColour X7200, EX7250, X7250, 9150, Orphiss EX9050, FW5230 etc.


Printing   methodLine type inkjet system
Print   headPiezo type, physical resolution 300 dpi, maximum 11   gradations
inkOil-based pigment type C / M / Y / K ink 1,000ml,   500ml for each color
Print resolutionStandard setting: 300 dpi (main scanning direction) x   300 dpi (sub scanning direction)
High definition setting: 300 dpi (main scanning direction)   x 600 dpi (sub scanning direction)
Data processing resolutionStandard setting: 300dpi x 300dpi
High definition setting: 600dpi x 600dpi
Character smoothing (strong): 600dpi x 600dpi
Warm-up time2 minutes 30 seconds or less (room temperature 23 °   C)
First   print (first print time)5 seconds or less * 1
Continuous printing speed * 2A4   sideOne side: 120 sheets / min (120ppm)
Both sides: 60 sheets / min (120ppm)
A4One side: 90 sheets / min (90 ppm)
Both sides: 45 sheets / min (90 ppm)
B4One side: 76 sheets / min (76
ppm) Both sides: 34 sheets / min (68 ppm)
A3One side: 66 sheets / min (66 ppm)
Both sides: 32 sheets / min (64 ppm)
size of paperFront   paper tray 1/2Maximum: A3 equivalent (297mm x 432mm)
Minimum: 182mm x 182mm
Straight paper tray (one side)Maximum: A3W equivalent (340mm x 550mm)
Minimum: Postcard size equivalent (90mm x   148mm)
Straight paper feed tray (for both sides)Maximum: Equivalent to A3W (340 mm x 460 mm)
Minimum: Equivalent to postcard size (90 mm x   148 mm)
Print areaMaximum   printable areaSingle side: Max: 310mm x 544mm / Both sides: Max   310mm x 454mm
Surrounding margin * 3Standard: 5mm Minimum: 3mm Envelope printing: 10mm
Paper thickness (weight)Front   paper tray 1/252g / ㎡ ~ 104g / ㎡
Straight paper trayOne side: 46g / ㎡-210g / ㎡
Both sides: 46g / ㎡-104g / ㎡ (A4 or less: 46g / ㎡-210g / ㎡)
Paper feed capacityFront   paper tray500 sheets x 2 trays (loading height 56mm or   less) * 4
Straight paper tray1,000 sheets (load height 110mm or less) * 4
Output tray capacityFace-down   output tray500 sheets (loading height 56mm or less) * 4
PDL (Page Description Language)RISORINC / C Ⅳ
Supported protocolsTCP / IP, HTTP, HTTPs (TLS), DHCP, ftp, lpr, IPP,   SNMP, Port9100 (RAW port), IPv4, IPv6, IPSec
InterfaceEthernet: 2 ports of 1000BASE-T / 100BASE-TX /   10BASE-T,
Memory   capacity4GB
HDD   capacity500GB (usable area: about 430GB)
Power   supplyAC100V 50-60Hz 10.0A or more
power   consumptionMaximum: 1,000 W or less, ready for operation   (ready): 150 W or less *   7 ,   power saving mode (sleep): standard time 65 W, LOW 2 W or less, standby   (standby): 0.4 W or less
Operation sound * 865 dB (A) or less * 9/62 dB (A) or less * 10
Ready for operation (ready): 43 dB (A) or less
usage   environmentTemperature: 15 ° C to 30 ° C Humidity: 40% RH to 70%   RH (non-condensing)
sizewhile   using it1,030mm (W) × 725mm (D) × 1,115mm (H)
When stowed775mm (W) × 705mm (D) × 970mm (H)
Occupied dimensions1,185mm (W) × 1,215mm (D) × 1,115mm (H)
WeightAbout 135kg

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