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Cost-Saving Compatible Conon IR2016 OPC Drum
  • Model:
    IR2016/2020/2018 OPC
  • Brand:

Xiamen Kreyoly Office Supplies Co., Ltd. as a specialized manufacturer of Copier Consumables, we can offer you a series of COPIER TONER CARTRIDGE, TONER POWDER, DEVELOPER and COPIER PARTS for CANON, RICOH, KYOCERA, KONICA-MINOLTA, TOSHIBA, SHARP, PANASONIC and other brand.
Product Description:
1.      Model: Canon IR2016/2020/2018 OPC Drum
2.      Brand:  Neutral or Kreyoly Brand
3.      Color:  Green
4.      OEM #: NP0385B002
4.      Fits these models:
Canon imageRUNNER 2016
Canon imageRUNNER 2016i
Canon imageRUNNER 2018
Canon imageRUNNER 2018i
Canon imageRUNNER 2020
Canon imageRUNNER 2020i
Canon imageRUNNER 2022
Canon imageRUNNER 2022i
Canon imageRUNNER 2025i
Canon imageRUNNER 2030i

Additional Information:
1.      Standard: SGS
2.      Packing: Neutral Package and Kreyoly Brand Package.
3.      Testing: 100% test before shipment.
4.      Trade Term: FOB, CNF, EXW, CIF
5.      Payment Term: T/T, L/C, Western Union.
6.      Delivery: Within 10 days after receive the payment.
7.      Shipping: By air, sea, railway and express
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Availble Drum Unit and Other Parts

Part CodeModelFor use in machines Model
FA5-3720-000 IR6000  Fuser Cleaning WebNP-6650/ 5060/ 6060/ 6150/ 5020
(FY1-1045-000)6000/ 6062/ 6085/ 6285/ 6850/ 6880/6885
FB4-4543-000IR1180 Fuser Cleaning WebCLC-1120 /1100 /1110 /1120R /1140 /1150 / 1180
FA3-8908-000NP3050 Fuser Cleaning WebNP-3025/3030/3050/3225/3325

(FF1-2538-000) 4050/4080/4335/4540/4835/6025



IR330/330E/400/400E/400S /500
(FY1-1046-000)C250 /D300 /330D /400D  /CLC1

GP55/55F/30F /210 /215 /335 /405
FY1-1157-000/FB4-7491-000IR5000 Fuser Cleaning WebIR5000/IR6000/IR7200/IR8500/IR550/IR600/IR105,6275
IR5570/IR6570GP605/GP 555/IR 5000 V/IR 5020
IR 5020 IN/IR 5055/IR 5065/IR 5075/IR 5570
IR 6000/IR 6000 I/IR 6020 I/IR 7086/ IR 7095
IR 7105/IR 7200/IR 85/IR 8500
FB4-3639-000IR5000 Upper RollerNP6065/6560/5000/6000  
FB5-3619-000IR5000 Lower RollerIR5000/5020/6000/6020
FB5-6952-000IR8500 Lower RollerIR-8500 ir7105/7095/7086/105
FL3-3602-000IR Adv8105 Upper RollerimageRUNNER ADVANCE 8085/8095/8105/8205/8285/8295
FM4-3158-000IR Adv8105 Lower RollerimageRUNNER ADVANCE 8085/8095/8105/8205/8285/8295
FM4-3160-000IR Adv6075 Lower RolleriR ADV6055/6065/6075/6255/6265/6275/6555i/6565i/6575i
FC6-3838-000IR6570 Lower RollerIR5050,5055,5065,5070,5570,6570
FC6-3566-000IR6570 Upper RollerIR5070/5570/6570
XG9-0325-000IR5000 Bearing;Upper RollerIR5000/6000
XG9-0018-000IR5000  Bearing;Lower RollerIR5000/6000
N/A IR6800  Heat SleeveIR6800/5800
XG9-0447-000IR8500 Bearing;Lower RollerIR8500/7200
XG9-0564-011IR5570 Bearing;Lower RollerIR5570 6570
FH7-7529IR5000 Fuser ThermistorIR-5000/6000/6020
FG5-8812-040IR5000 Fuser Sub Thermistor IR-5000/6000/6020
FH7-7464 IR8500 Fuser ThermistorIR-8500/GP605/7200
 FG6-7748-020IR8500 Fuser ThermistorIR-8500/GP605/7200
FG6-3881-020GP335 Fuser ThermistorGP335/405/330
FC3-0391-000IR5000 Fuser Picker FingerIR5000/6000
FB2-7777-000IR5000 ADF Separation RollerIR5000/6000/7200/8500
IR5000 42T / 14T / 20T GearIR5000/IR6000/NP6260
 FS6-0105-000IR5000 22T / 60T Fuser Gear IR5000/6000/IR5020/IR6020/6050/6060
FS7-0006-000IR8500 25T/75T Gear on Delivery MotorIR8500/105
Fu5-0176-000IR5800 Gear; Upper RollerIR5800/5700/6800
N/A IR5800 Developer GearIR5800/5700/6800
49T FS2-0570-000NP6150 Fuser GearNP-6150/6650
N/A NP6050 Fuser GearNP-6050
N/A IR5000  GearIR5000/6000 /5020/ 6020
 FS6-0105-000IR 6000   22T / 60T Fuser GearIR5000/6000/5020/6020 
FB6-6569-DYIR5000 Developer Spacer RollerIR5000/6000/5020/6020/6050/6060/5150
FS5-6579-000IR8500 Developer Spacer Roller IR8500/105/7105/7080/9070/7086/7095/7200
FC5-2286-000 IRC6800 Fuser Cleaning WebIR  C5058 /C5068 /C5800 /C5870U /C6800 / C6870U /8105
FC5-6298-000IRC6800 Upper Roller NP-IRC6800/6870/5800/5870
FC5-6298-000IRC6800 Lower Roller NP-IRC6800/ 6870 /5800 /5870
FM3-1994-filmIRC2880 Fuser Film (Japan)iRC2880/iRC3380
FM3-5951-000IRC5035 Fuser Film (Japan)IRC5030, C5035, C5045, C5051, C5235, C5240, C5250, C5255
Kreyoly CodeModelFor use in machines ModelPage Yield
1NPG18     IR2200/2280/2220/2850/3300/3320/335050000
2NPG20     IR1600/IR1600N/IR1610/IR165/IR155/IR200/IR2000/IR201040000
3NPG25/26     IR2270/IR2870/IR3570/IR4570/IR3225N/IR3230N/IR3235N
4NPG28     IR2318L/IR2320J/IR2320L/IR2320N/IR2420D/IR2016/IR2016I/IR2016J
5NPG32     IR1018/1019/1020/1022/1023/1024/1025/G-932/25000
6NPG35     IRC2550/2880/3080/3380/3580
7NPG37     IR2018/2022/2025/203045000
8NPG45     IRC5045/5051/5250/5255K:150000
9NPG46     IRC5030/5035/5235/5240
10NPG50/51     IR2520i/iR2525i/iR2530i/iR2535i/iR2545i125000
11GP405     IR400/GP285/GP335
12NPG52     Canon IRC2020/2025/2030/2220/2225/2230
13NPG55     ADV400/500 IR1730i/1740i/1750i100000
14NPG56/57 IR4025/4035/4045/4051/4225/4235/4245/4215125000
15NPG59     IR2002/2002L/2202/2202L/2202N/2202DN
16EXV40IR1133 series
17NPG-67iR ADVANCE C3325i/3330i/3320/3320L/3320i C3520i/3525i/3530i110000

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