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Toshiba Toner Cartridge T-4530

  • T-4530 C/D/E
  • on Time Delivery
  • Black toner
  • 24PCS/CTN
  • Kreyoly
  • OEM Package, Neutral Package and Kreyoly Package
  • China
  • 3707902000
Xiamen Kreyoly Office Supplies Co., Ltd. as a specialized manufacturer of Copier Consumables, we can offer you a series of COPIER TONER CARTRIDGE, TONER POWDER, DEVELOPER and PARTS for CANON, RICOH, KYOCERA, KONICA-MINOLTA, TOSHIBA, SHARP, PANASONIC and other brand.

Product Description:
1. Model: T-4530 C/D/E
2. Brand: Toshiba
3. Color: Black
4. Toner Load: 5K: 250g/pc; 24K :700g/pc
5. For use in: Toshiba E-studio 255/305/355/455/305S/305SD/ E-studio 355S/355SD/455S/455SD
6. Inner Packing: 4pcs/ctn

Additional Information:
1. Standard: SGS
2. Packing: OEM Package, Neutral Package and Kreyoly Brand Package.
3. Testing: 100% test before shipment.
4. Trade Term: FOB, CNF, EXW, CIF
5. Payment Term: T/T, L/C, Western Union.
6. Delivery: Within 10 days after receive the payment.
7. Shipping: By air, sea, railway and express

We are devoted to providing the high quality products with reasonable price.
If you are interesting in our product, please feel free to contact us for detail information.

Trust us. We are your reliable partner in China!!!
Copier Toner Cartridge List
Kreyoly Code Original Code Color For Use in Machine Model Toner Load Copy Yield
Master pack
K-TS01 T-1550C/D/E K E-studio 1560/1550/1580/1568 240g 7000 12pcs/CTN
K-TS02 T-1600 C/D K E-studio 168/169 335g 13000 12pcs/CTN
K-TS03 T-1640 C/D/E-5K K E-studio 163/165/166/167/203/205/207 190g 5000 12pcs/CTN
K-TS04 T-1640C/D/E-10K K E-studio 163/165/166/167/203/205/207 380g 12000 6pcs/CTN
K-TS05 T-1640C/D/E-15K K E-studio 163/165/166/167/203/205/207 675g 25000 6pcs/CTN
K-TS06 T-1710 C/D K E-studio2310/1650/2050/2500/2540 300g 6500 12pcs/CTN
K-TS07 T-1800 C/D-5K K E-studio 18 187g 5000 12pcs/CTN
K-TS08 T-1800 C/D-10K K E-studio 18 307g 12000 12pcs/CTN
K-TS09 T-1800 C/D/E-24K K E-studio18 digital MFPs 675g 25000 6pcs/CTN
K-TS10 T-1810C/D-5K K E-studio 181/182/211/212/242 187g 5000 12pcs/CTN
K-TS11 T-1810C/D-10K K E-studio 181/182/211/212/242 300g 12000 6pcs/CTN
K-TS12 T-1810 C/D-24K K E-studio 181/182/211/212/242 675g 25000 6pcs/CTN
K-TS13 T-2060 C/D K E-studio 2860/2870/2068 300g 7500 12pcs/CTN
K-TS14 T-2320 C/D K E-studio 230/280 675g 25000 6pcs/CTN
K-TS15 T-2340 C/D K E-studio 232/282/233/283 675g 25000 6pcs/CTN
K-TS16 T-2450 C/D/E-10K K E-studio 223/225/243/245 280g 12000 12pcs/CTN
K-TS17 T-2450 C/D/E-24K K E-studio 223/225/243/245/246 675g 25000 6pcs/CTN
K-TS18 T-2500 C/D K E-studio 258/208 /E-studio20/25/200/250 500g 1ctn
K-TS19 T-2505 C/P K E-studio 2005/2505H/2505F 240g 8000 12pcs/CTN
K-TS20 T-2507 C/P K E-studio 2006/2506/2507/2306/2307 240g 8000 12pcs/CTN
K-TS21 T-2508 K E-studio 2008S/2008F/DP2008F/DPC2008C 1500 12pcs/CTN
K-TS22 T-2510 C/D K E-studio 2510/2550 450 4pcs/ctn
K-TS23 T-2840 K E-studio 203L/233/233P/283/283P 675g 25000 6pcs/CTN
K-TS24 T-3500 C/D/E/U K E-studio288/358/458 /E-studio28/35/45 450g 17000 12pcs/CTN
K-TS25 T-3520 C/D K E-studio 350/450/452/353/453/352/352S/
452S E-studio350/352/450/452
675g 25000 9pcs/CTN
K-TS26 T-3560 C/D K T3560/3570/4560/4570 500g 11000 12pcs/CTN
K-TS27 T-3580 C/D K T3580/2460 4-300g 8ctns
K-TS28 T-4530 C/D-24K K E-studio 255/305/355/455/305S/305SD/
E-studio 355S/355SD/455S/455SD
675g 25000 6pcs/CTN
K-TS29 T-4530T-10K K E-studio255/305/355/455 300 4pcs/ctn
K-TS30 T-4590 C/D/E-24K K E-studio 206L/256/306/356/456 700g 30000 6pcs/CTN
K-TS31 T-5070 C/D/E/U K E-studio 207L/257/307/357/457/507 700g 30000 6pcs/CTN
K-TS32 T-6000 C/D/E K E-studio 520/600/720/850
E-studio 520/600/720/850
1370g 52000 6pcs/CTN
K-TS33 T-6510 C/D/E K E-studio 550/650/810 1370g 52000 6pcs/CTN
K-TS34 T-7200/8550 C/D/E K E-studio 523/523T/603/603T/723/723T/853 1370g 52000 6pcs/CTN
K-TS35 T-FC-25 K E-studio 2040C/2540C/3040C/3540C/4540C KCMY:550g 34200 1ctn
C 26800 1ctn
M 26800 1ctn
Y 26800 1ctn
K-TS36 T-FC-28 K E-studio 2330C/2820C/2830C/3520C/
KCMY:550g 34200 1ctn
C 26800 1ctn
M 26800 1ctn
Y 26800 1ctn
K-TS37 T-FC-30 K E-studio 2050C/2501C/2550C/2551C KCMY:550g 34200 1ctn
C 26800 1ctn
M 26800 1ctn
Y 26800 1ctn
K-TS38 T-FC-34 K E-studio 287CS/374CS/407CS KCMY:550g 34200 1ctn
C 26800 1ctn
M 26800 1ctn
Y 26800 1ctn
K-TS39 T-FC-35 K E-studio 2500C/3500C KCMY:550g 34200 1ctn
C 26800 1ctn
M 26800 1ctn
Y 26800 1ctn
K-TS40 T-FC-50 K E-studio 2555C/3055C/3555C/4555C/5055C KCMY:550g 34200 1ctn
C 26800 1ctn
M 26800 1ctn
Y 26800 1ctn
K-TS41 T-FC-55 K E-studio 5520/6520C/6530C KCMY:550g 34200 1ctn
C 26800 1ctn
M 26800 1ctn
Y 26800 1ctn
K-TS42 T-281C K 281C/351C/451C 450g 1ctn
C 220g 1ctn
M 1ctn
Y 1ctn
K-TS43 T-3511C K 3511/4511/281C/351C/451C 675g 1ctn
C 220g 1ctn
M 1ctn
Y 1ctn
K-TS44 T-2040C K 2040C/3540C/3040/3540/4540C 550g 1ctn
C 550g 1ctn
M 1ctn
Y 1ctn
K-TS45 T-2051 K 2051/2551C/2050C/2550C KCMY:570 1ctn
C 1ctn
M 1ctn
Y 1ctn
K-TS46 T-2050C K 2500C/3500C/3510C KCMY:550 1ctn
C 1ctn
M 1ctn
Y 1ctn
K-TS47 T-3511C K E-studio 3511/4511 27000 1ctn
C 10000 1ctn
M 10000 1ctn
Y 10000 1ctn
K-TS48 T-5540C K 5540C/6540C/6550C 1647g 1ctn
C 721g 1ctn
M 1ctn
Y 1ctn
Toshiba Toner Cartridge T-4530

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