High Quality Ricoh MPC3500 Transfer Belt B223-6130 (B2236130) For MPC3500 3550 C4500 C811 C810 C820 C821
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We can offer customers high quality drum unit 100% compatible with Canon, Kyocera, Ricoh, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba, Konica copier machine.

Model: Ricoh MPC5501 Transfer Belt
1. Stable quality with competitive price
2. Good copy yield
3. On-time delivery
4. Perfect package in good out-looking
5. OEM service can meet the specific requirements

1.OEM #:
Ricoh D1446091, D144-6091, D029-6090, D0296090
Savin D029-6090, D0296090
Gestetner D029-6090, D0296090
Lanier D029-6090, D0296090

2. Fits these models:
Ricoh Aficio MP C2800
Ricoh Aficio MP C2800SPF
Ricoh Aficio MP C3001
Ricoh Aficio MP C3300
Ricoh Aficio MP C3300SPF
Ricoh Aficio MP C3501
Ricoh Aficio MP C4501
Ricoh Aficio MP C4502
Ricoh Aficio MP C5501
Ricoh Aficio MP C5502

Other compatible models:
Gestetner MP C2800
Gestetner MP C3001
Gestetner MP C3300
Gestetner MP C3501
Lanier LD528C
Lanier LD528CSPF
Lanier LD533C
Lanier LD533CSPF
Lanier LD630C
Lanier LD635C
Lanier LD645C
Lanier LD655C
Lanier MP C4502
Lanier MP C5502
Savin C2828
Savin C2828SPF
Savin C3333
Savin C3333SPF
Savin C9130
Savin C9135
Savin C9145
Savin C9155
Savin MP C4502
Savin MP C5502

Other Available Ricoh Fuser Film and Transfer Belt

Kreyoly CodeModelFor use in machines Model
K-RT-1MPC2503 Transfer BeltMPC2003/2503/3003/3503/4503/5503/6503/6003
K-RT-2MPC3500 Transfer BeltMPC2500 3000 3500 4500 2800 3300 3001 3501 4501 5501 3002 3502 4502 5502  
K-RT-3MPC2030 Transfer BeltMPC 2030 2050 2550 2010 2051  
K-RT-4MPC6502 Transfer BeltMPC5100/6502/7502/8002
K-RT-5MPC7500 Transfer BeltMPC6000/C6500/C7500/C7501/C7502 /5100/6502/7502/8002
K-RT-6MP1075 Transfer BeltMP 1060 1075 2075 7500 7502 6000 7000 8000 8001 9001 7001 6002 7002 5500  
K-RT-7MP9000 Transfer Belt MP1350 1100 1357 9000   
K-RT-8MP2045 Transfer BeltMP1045 2045 3035 4000 5000 4001 5001  
K-RF-1MPC3001 Roller with Film ( Dark Red)MPC3001/C3501
K-RF-2MPC4501 Film ( Dark Red)MPC4501/5501
K-RF-3MPC 5000 Roller with Film ( Dark Red)MPC4000/C5000 
K-RF-4Ricoh 2051 Film ( Dark Red)Ricoh 2051/2551/DSC725/2550/2530
K-RF-5MPC2500 Film (BLK)MPC2500 /3000/3300/2800
K-RF-6MPC6500 Film ( BLK)Ricoh MPC6500/7500/6501/7501   
K-RF-7MPC3502 Film (BLK)Ricoh MPC3502/C3002/4502/5502 6002
K-RF-8MPC3500 Film (BLK)MPC3500/3550/C4500/C811/C810/C820/C821  
K-RF-9MPC2503 Film (BLKMPC2003/2503/3003/C3503/C4503/C5503  
K-RF-10MPC2030 Film (BLK)MPC2010/C2030/C2530/C2050         
K-RF-11MPC6502 Fim ( BLK/Dark Red)MPC8002/5100/7602/6502
K-RF-12PRO8100 Film ( Dark Red)Pro 8100/8100s

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