D136-4181 For Rioch MP C6502 C8002 Pro C5100 C5110 Fuser Belt D138-4181
  • Model:
    MPC6502 Fuser Belt
  • Brand:
    Ricoh - D136-4181 D138-4181

We can offer customers high quality drum unit 100% compatible with Canon, Kyocera, Ricoh, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba, Konica copier machine.

Model: Ricoh MPC6502 Fuser Belt

1. Stable quality with competitive price
2. Good copy yield
3. On-time delivery
4. Perfect package in good out-looking
5. OEM service can meet the specific requirements

1.OEM #: D136-4181 D138-4181

2. Fits these models:

MPC6502 MPC8002

Pro C5110 C5100

3. The following models are available:

BrandKreyoly CodeProduct NameFor Use in Machines
RicohK-FF 1Fuser Fixing FilmMPC3001/C3501 Film+roller
K-FF 2Fuser Fixing FilmMPC4501/5501
K-FF 3Fuser Fixing FilmMPC4000/C5000  Film+roller
K-FF 4Fuser Fixing FilmRicoh 2051/2551/DSC725/2550/2530
K-FF 5Fuser Fixing FilmMPC2500 /3000/3300/2800
K-FF 6Fuser Fixing FilmRicoh MPC6500/7500/6501/7501   
K-FF 7Fuser Fixing FilmRicoh MPC3502/C3002/4502/5502 6002
K-FF 8Fuser Fixing FilmMPC3500/3550/C4500/C811/C810/C820/C821  
K-FF 9Fuser Fixing FilmMPC2003/2503/3003/C3503/C4503/C5503  
K-FF 10Fuser Fixing FilmMPC2010/C2030/C2530/C2050         
K-FF 11Fuser Fixing FilmMPC8002/5100/7602/6502
K-FF 12Fuser Fixing FilmPro 8100/8100s
XeroxK-FF 13Fuser Fixing FilmXerox 2270/3370/4470/5570/7120/7125/7425/7435 
K-FF 14Fuser Fixing FilmXerox 2260
K-FF 15Fuser Fixing FilmXerox C800
Konica MinoltaK-FF 16Fuser Fixing FilmBizhub 1060/1070
K-FF 17Fuser Fixing FilmBizhub 1085
K-FF 18Fuser Fixing FilmBizhub C6500/6501/5500/5501/6000/7000
K-FF 19Fuser Fixing FilmBizhub 502/552/602/754 
K-FF 20Fuser Fixing FilmBizhub C652/550/C451/C452/C552/650
K-FF 21Fuser Fixing FilmBizhub C200/203/253/353  
K-FF 22Fuser Fixing FilmBizhub C8000
K-FF 23Fuser Fixing FilmBizhub C450
K-FF 24Fuser Fixing FilmBizhub C220/280/360/363/228  
K-FF 25Fuser Fixing FilmBizhub C224/284/364/454/554 
KyoceraK-FF 26Fuser Fixing FilmKYOCERA 2040c/2540c/3040c/3540c/4540c
K-FF 27Fuser Fixing FilmKYOCERA 6500I
ToshibaK-FF 28Fuser Fixing FilmTOSHIBA 5440
SharpK-FF 29Fuser Fixing FilmSHARP MX5240N
CanonK-FF 30Fuser Fixing FilmIRC2550/3080/IRC3580/IRC2880/IRC3380 
K-FF 31Fuser Fixing FilmCANON 5910 5960 5970 5975 
K-FF 32Fuser Fixing FilmCANON 5035/5045/5051/5235/5240//5250/5255
K-FF 33Fuser Fixing FilmCANON CN5030 
K-FF 34Fuser Fixing FilmCANON LBP9100Cdn/LBP9500/LBP9600   
K-FF 35Fuser Fixing FilmCANON IRC 7055/7065/9065/9075/7260/C7270/C9270
CanonK-FF 36Fuser Fixing FilmIRC4580/5180/5050/4080
K-FF 37Fuser Fixing FilmCANON  4035/4025/4045/4051/IR4225/4235/4245
SamsungK-FF 38Fuser Fixing FilmCLX 9201 
K-FF 39Fuser Fixing FilmML5010/5015 
K-FF 40Fuser Fixing FilmCLP 680/CLX6260  
K-FF 41Fuser Fixing FilmCLX9250/9350  

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