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How to Solve Riso ComColor BP Belt Problem Error Code S001-1132
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How to Solve Riso ComColor BP Belt Problem Error Code S001-1132

In general, during the transportation for Riso ComColor machine, the BP belt is easily shifted due to improper operation. While turn on the machine, it will occur error code S001-1132.


Riso ComColor machine service manual give the information as follows:


To ensure the machine run properly, we need to adjust the BT belt by hand.


Firstly, open the front door, and check the BT belt position:

BP Belt

(This BP Belt is in THE Right Position.)

Look at the white wheel on the left (in Red Circle). The BP belt edge is close to the white wheel. You can’t leave the white wheel or lean too tightly.

white wheel

(Look at the White Wheel on the left in red circle)


(Look at the black screw attached to the spring in red circle, it can adjust the Spring tension)

If the BP belt leave the white wheel or lean too tightly, it means the BP belt is shifted and out of its right position, and will occur error code and machine stop working.


If the belt runs inward, the tension on the outside is too big. Now, we shall reduce the tension of that spring.


If the belt runs outside, the tension outside is too less. Now, we shall increase the tension of that spring.


As the same time, turn your hands on the belt surface and turn it to the correct position.


After adjusting, If find the BT belt in the right position, now enter into maintenance mode and  let the belt rotate for 3 ~ 5 minutes.


Press  *  8  #   three keys at the same time to enter the maintenance mode, the password is 3214


Enter order code: 1256, then push START button to make that belt rotate.


Watch the belt runs properly or not? If not, stop and adjust again.


If BT belt runs properly, problem is solved.

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