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High Quality imageRUNNER 5000 Separation Roller FB2-7777-000 for Canon

  • IR5000
  • 20PCS/CTN
  • on-Time Delivery
  • Kreyoly
  • Neutral Package, OEM Package and Kreyoly Package
  • ISO9001, SGS
  • China
  • 8473500000
We, Xiamen Kreyoly Office Supplies Co., Ltd, can offer you Copier Spare Parts 100% compatible for Canon, Ricoh, Minolta, Toshiba, Konica Sharp, Kyocera, Panasonic, Xerox series of copier machine.
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1. Mode: Canon IR5000 Separation Roller

2. OEM No.: FB2-7777-020, FB2-7777-000

3. fits these models:
Canon CLC1100
Canon CLC1110
Canon CLC1120
Canon CLC1120R
Canon CLC1140
Canon CLC1150
Canon CLC1180
Canon imageRUNNER 330
Canon imageRUNNER 330E
Canon imageRUNNER 330N
Canon imageRUNNER 330S
Canon imageRUNNER 400
Canon imageRUNNER 400E
Canon imageRUNNER 400N
Canon imageRUNNER 400S
Canon imageRUNNER 400V
Canon imageRUNNER 5000E
Canon imageRUNNER 5000EN
Canon imageRUNNER 5000i
Canon imageRUNNER 5000N
Canon imageRUNNER 5000S
Canon imageRUNNER 5000V
Canon imageRUNNER 5020
Canon imageRUNNER 5020i
Canon imageRUNNER 5070
Canon imageRUNNER 550
Canon imageRUNNER 5570
Canon imageRUNNER 60
Canon imageRUNNER 600
Canon imageRUNNER 6000
Canon imageRUNNER 6000i
Canon imageRUNNER 6000S
Canon imageRUNNER 6020
Canon imageRUNNER 6020i
Canon imageRUNNER 6570
Canon imageRUNNER 7200
Canon imageRUNNER 8070
Canon imageRUNNER 85
Canon imageRUNNER 85+
Canon imageRUNNER 8500
Canon NP6050
Canon NP6050RMF
Canon NP6085
Canon NP6251
Canon NP6285
Canon NP6545
Canon NP6551
Canon NP6560
Canon NP7500
Canon Paper Deck Unit-B2
Canon Paper Deck Unit-D1
Canon Paper Deck-AA1
Canon Paper Deck-AB1
Canon Paper Deck-AC1
Canon Paper Deck-AD1
Canon PDA1
Canon PDB1
Canon PDC1
Canon PDE1
Canon PDF2
Canon PDL1
Canon PDM1
Canon PDP1
Canon PDQ1
Canon PDR1
Canon PDU1
Canon PDZ1
Oce CS120
Oce CS125

4. The following models are available:
RICOH FG-051-A B110-2326 AF1075() AF1075 Toner Collection Coil AF1060/1075/2075 MP7500/8000
RICOH FG-051-B B110-2326 AF1075() AF1075 Toner Collection Coil AF1060/1075/2075 MP7500/8000
RICOH FG-051-C B110-2326 AF1075() AF1075 Toner Collection Coil AF1060/1075/2075 MP7500/8000
RICOH FG-312 N/A AF1350 Toner Collection Coil MP9000/1100 AF1350/1357
RICOH FG-345 B110-2326 AF2075() AF2075 Toner Collection Coil AF1060/1075/2075 MP7500/8000
RICOH FG-346 AD04-3078 AF1075() AF1075 Toner Collection Coil AF1060/1075/2075 MP7500/8000
RICOH FG-366 N/A AF2400 AF2400 Toner Collection Coil AF2400
RICOH FG-322 AE01-1108 AF1350 AF1350 Upper Fuser Roller MP9000/1100 AF1350/1357
RICOH FG-323 AE02-0159 AF1350 AF1350 Lower Fuser Pressure Roller MP9000/1100 AF1350/1357
RICOH FG-313 AE011117 AF2075 AF2075 Upper Fuser Roller AF1060/1075/2075 MP7500/8000
RICOH FG-304 AE020162 AF2075 AF2075 Lower Fuser Pressure Roller AF1060/1075/2075 MP7500/8000
RICOH FG-341 AE04-0039 AF2075 AF2075 Fuser Web Pressure Roller AF2075/1075/850
RICOH FG-315 AE011069 AF1075 AF1075 Upper Fuser Roller AF1060/1075/1051
RICOH FG-031 AE02-0112 AF1075 AF1075 Lower Fuser Pressure Roller AF1060/1075/1051
RICOH FG-316 AE011056 AF850 AF850 Upper Fuser Roller AF850/1085/2090/2105
RICOH FG-317 N/A AF850 AF850 fuser pressure roller AF850/1085/2090/2105
RICOH FG-305 AE02-0125 AF2045 AF2045 Lower Fuser Pressure Roller AF2035/2045/3035/4500
RICOH FG-306 AE02-0108 AF1035 AF1035 Lower Fuser Pressure Roller AF1035/1045/AP4510
RICOH FG-340 AE02-0138 AF1027 AF1027 Lower Fuser Pressure Roller AF1027/1022/2022/2027
RICOH FG001 AE02-0100 AF1015 AF1015 Lower Fuser Pressure Roller AF1015/1018
RICOH FG-324 AE01-0059 MPC4500 MPC4500 Support Upper Fuser Heat Roller MPC3500/4500/3535
RICOH FG-365 N/A MPC4500 MPC4500 Developer Cleaning Roller MPC3500/4500/3535
RICOH FG370 N/A MPC4500 MPC2500PCR Cleaning Roller MPC2500/3000/3500/4500
RICOH FG409 N/A MPC4500 MPC4500 Charge Roller MPC2500/3000/3500/4500
RICOH FG406 AE01-0068 MPC5000 MPC5000Upper Roller MPC4000/5000
MPC5000 MPC5000 Charge Roller MPC4000/5000/2800/3000
MPC5000 MPC5000 PCR Cleaning Roller MPC4000/5000/2800/3000
RICOH FG-340 AE02-0138 AF1027 AF1027 Fuser Pressure Roller AF1027/1022/2022/2027
RICOH FG-042 AE01-1071 AF1035 AF1035 Upper Fuser Roller AF1035/1045/2035/3035
RICOH FG-326 N/A AF2105 AF2105 Pressure Roller;WEB AF2105/2090
RICOH FG-351 B247-2330 AF1075 AF1075 Drum Cleaning Brush AF1075/2075/7500
RICOH FG-352 B234-3590 AF1350 AF1350 Drum Cleaning Brush AF1350/9000/1100
RICOH FG-344 AE02 0199 MP4000 MP4000 Lower Fuser Pressure Roller MP4000/5000/4001/5001
CANON FG-087 FB4-3639-000 IR5000 IR5000 Upper Fuser Roller NP6065/6560/5000/6000
CANON FG-078 FB5-3619-000 IR5000 IR5000 Lower Fuser Pressure Roller IR5000/5020/6000/6020
CANON FG-367 N/A IR 550 IR 550 Black Toner Cartridge IR 550
CANON FG-338 FB5-4942-000 IR2200 IR2200 Lower Fuser Pressure Roller IR2200/3300/3320/2220
CANON FG-339 FC6-4453-000 IR2016 IR2016 Lower Fuser Pressure Roller IR2016/20202116/2018
CANON FG-360 FC5-6298-000 NP-IRC6800 NP-IRC6800 Upper Fuser Roller NP-IRC6800/6870/5800/5870
CANON FG-066 FC5-6298-000 NP-IRC6800 NP-IRC6800 Upper Fuser Roller NP-IRC6800/ 6870 /5800 /5870
CANON FG-361 FB5-6952-000 IR-8500 IR-8500 Lower Fuser Pressure Roller IR-8500 ir7105/7095/7086/105
CANON FG-088 FB5-6930-000 IR-8500 IR-8500 Upper Fuser Roller IR-8500 ir7105ir7095ir7086ir105
IR8015 IR8015 LOWER PRESSURE ROLLER IR8015/8095/8085

IR6570 IR6570LOWER PRESSURE ROLLER IR5050,5055,5065,5070,5570,6570
KONICA FG-102 3015-3031-01 K7085 K7085fuser pressure roller K-7075/7085 Di750/Di850
KONICA FG-158 55VA53041 K7085 K7085 Upper Fuser Roller K-7075/7085 Di750/Di850
KONICA FG-155 56AE53052 K7165 K7165 Upper Fuser Roller K7155/7165/7255/7272 DI551/5510/DI650
KONICA FG-321 56AA53060 K7165 K7165 Lower Fuser Pressure Roller KNC7155/7165/7255/EP DI551/650
KONICA FG-141 26NA53040 K7020 K7020 Lower Fuser Pressure Roller K7020/7025/7030
KONICA FG-151 26NA53030 K7020 K7020 Upper Fuser Roller K7020/7022/7025/7030/1730/7222/7228/7235
KONICA FG-325 N/A K7085 K7085 Drum Cleaning Brush K7075/7085 BH920
KC552 KC552 Upper Roller KC552/652/452/451/550/650
KC552 KC552 LOWER PRESSURE ROLLER KC552/652/452/451/550/650
DI450 DI450 fuser pressure roller conductive DI450/460/550/570
MINOLTA FG-127 1165-5706-01 DI450 DI450 Upper Fuser Roller Di550/450/350/470
MINOLTA FG-343 4021-5702-01 DI152 DI152 Lower Fuser Pressure Roller Di152/Di183 K7220
MINOLTA FG-362 N/A BHC350 BHC350 Lower Pressure Roller bizhub C350/351/C450
SHARP FG-342 NROLI1314FCZZ AR M350 AR M350 Lower Fuser Roller ARM350/ARM450
SHARP FG-347 N/A MX-M503/ MX-M503 Pressure Roller;WEB MX-M363U/453U/503U
SHARP FG-348 NROLT1452FCZ1 ARM550 ARM550 Upper Fuser Roller Kit ARM550/620/700
SHARP FG-349 N/A ARM550 ARM550 250K Maintenance Kit ARM550/620/700
SHARP FG-350 NROLI1453FCZ1 ARM550 ARM550 Lower Fuser Pressure Roller ARM550/620/700
SHARP FG-337 NROLI1827FCZZ MX-M503 MX-M503 Lower Pressure Roller MX-M363U/453U/503U
ARMX850 ARMX850 Lower Pressure Roller ARMX850/1100/950
SHARP FG-363 5722872060 ARM550 ARM550 Cleaning Roller ARM550/620/700
SHARP FG-364 N/A ARM550 ARM550 Cleaning Roller ARM550/620/700
SHARP FG-368 N/A ARM550 ARM550 Cleaning Roller ARM550/620/700
SHARP FG-369 N/A ARM550 ARM550 Cleaning Roller ARM550/620/700
SHARP FG-353 N/A ARMX850 ARMX850 Pressure Roller;WEB ARMX850/1100/950
DC4110 DC4110 Lower Fuser Pressure Roller DC4110/1100/900/4595
DC450 DC450 Lower Fuser Pressure Roller DC450 450I 550 500

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