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High Quality Ricoh MP9000 MP1350 B234-3118 (B2343118) 6mm Bushing

  • MP9000 MP1350
  • Kreyoly
  • China
  • 8473500000
Now we can offer customer's high quality copier parts 100% compatible for Canon, Ricoh, Minolta, Toshiba, Konica Sharp, Kyocera, Panasonic, Xerox series of copier machine.

1. Mode: Ricoh MP9000 MP1350 B234-3118 (B2343118) 6mm Bushing

2. OEM #:
Ricoh B234-3118, B2343118
Savin B234-3118, B2343118
Lanier B234-3118, B2343118
Gestetner B234-3118, B2343118
Toshiba B234-3118, B2343118

3. Fits these models:
Ricoh Aficio MP 1100
Ricoh Aficio MP 1350
Ricoh Aficio MP 9000
Ricoh Pro 1106EX
Ricoh Pro 1356EX
Ricoh Pro 906EX

4. Other compatible models:
Gestetner DSM MP1350
Gestetner DSM MP9000
Gestetner DSM7135
Gestetner DSM790
Lanier LD1135
Lanier LD190
Savin 8090
Savin 8135
Toshiba E STUDIO 1101
Toshiba E STUDIO 1351
Toshiba E STUDIO 901

5. Available items:
Bushing & Bearings
RICOH FZ-001-A B065-3069 AF1075 Bushing 8mm AF1075/2065 /2075 /2051 /1060
RICOH FZ-001-B B065-3069 AF1075 Bushing 8mm AF1065/1075 /2065 /2075 / 2051 /1060
RICOH FZ-001-C B065-3069 AF1075 Bushing 8mm AF1065 /1075 / 2065 / 2075 /2051 /1060
RICOH FZ-002 AA08-0176 AF1075 Bushing AF1065/ 1075/ 2065 /2075 / 2051/1060
RICOH FZ-083 B065-3096 AF1075 Bushing 8mm AF1065/1075/2065/2075/2051/1060
RICOH FZ-070 N/A AF1350 Bushing MP9000/1100/AF1350/1357
RICOH FZ-075 N/A AF1350 Bushing MP9000/1100/AF1350/1357
RICOH FZ-076 N/A AF1350 Bushing MP9000/1100/AF1350/1357
RICOH FZ-003 AE03-0018 AF1075 Bearing;Lower Pressure Roller AF1060/1075 MP9001/MP9002
RICOH FZ-004 AE03-0017 AF1075 Bearing;Upper Roller AF1060/1075
RICOH FZ-071 AE03-0053 AF2075 Bearing;Lower Pressure Roller AF2051/2060/2075 MP6000/7000/8000MP6001/6002/7001/8001
RICOH FZ-073 AE03-0054 AF2075 Bearing;Upper Roller AF2051/2060/2075 MP6000/7000/8000/MP6001/6002/7001/8001
RICOH FZ-074 AE03-0031 MP1350 Bearing;Upper Roller MP1100/9000
RICOH FZ-080 N/A AF1350 Lower Fuser Bearing with Snap Ring MP1100/9000
RICOH FZ-006 AF1035 Bearing;Upper Roller AF1015/1035/1045/2035
RICOH FZ-005 AE03-0048 AF1035 Lower Fuser Bearing with Snap Ring AF1015/1035/1045/2035
RICOH FZ-078 N/A AF1075 Heat Sleeve AF1075/1060
RICOH FZ-079 AE03-2026 AF2075 Heat Sleeve AF2075/2060 MP7500/8000
RICOH FZ-081 N/A MP4000 Bearing;Upper Roller MP4000/5000
RICOH FZ-082 N/A MP4000 Bearing;Lower Pressure Roller MP4000/5000
CANON FZ-015 XG9-0325-000 IR5000 Bearing;Upper Roller IR5000/6000
CANON FZ-016 XG9-0018-000 IR5000 Bearing;Lower Pressure Roller IR5000/6000
CANON FZ-077 IR6800 Heat Sleeve IR6800/5800
CANON FZ-084 XG9-0447-000 IR8500 Bearing;Lower Pressure Roller IR8500/7200
CANON FZ-085 XG9-0564-011 IR5570 Bearing;Lower Pressure Roller IR5570 6570
SHARP FZ-048 NBRGY0729FCZZ ARM620 Bearing;Upper Roller ARM550/620/700
KONICA FZ-039 454053391 K165 Bushing K-7155/7165/7255
KONICA FZ-040 25BA76030 K7165 Bearing;Lower Pressure Roller K-7155/7165/7255
KONICA FZ-041 454075040 K7165 Bearing;Upper Roller K-7155/7165/7255
KONICA FZ-043 26NA53720 K7020 Bushing K-7020/7025/7030
KONICA FZ-044 508053410 K7020 Bearing;Lower Pressure Roller K-7020/7025/7030
KONICA FZ-045 26NA53710 K7020 Bearing K-7020/7025/7030

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