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Copier Toner Cartridge for Canon GPR-1/GP 605

  • GPR-1/GP 605
  • kreyoly
  • Neutral Packages and Kreyoly Brand Packages
  • ISO9001, SGS
  • China
  • 3707902000
We can offer customers high quality toner cartridges 100% compatible with Canon, Kyocera, Ricoh, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba, Konica copier machine.

Model: GPR-1/GP 605 toner cartridge
1. Stable quality with competitive price
2. Good copy yield
4. Choose qualified toner powder, 100% guarantee and 100% testing before delivery
5. On-time delivery
6. Perfect package in good out-looking
7. OEM service can meet the specific requirements

1. Toner load: 1650g/PC
2. For use in: Canon GP555/558/605/605P; IR60/550/600/7200
3. Inner packing: 1PC/box;
4. Copy Yield (5%): 33, 000pages
Kreyoly Code Original Code Color Chip For Use in Machine Model Toner Load Copy Yield
Master pack
NPG Series
K-C01 NPG-1 K NP1015/1050/1215/1215S/1218/1510/1520/1530/
2020/2010/2155/1550/NPG-1/SELEX GR1650/2010/3200
190g 3800 8 boxes/CTN
K-C02 NP6/7/8000 K NP5060/6650/7050/7550/8530/8580/8570 1500g 32000 10 pcs/CTN
GP Series
K-C03 GP200 K GP-200/200F/210/215 530g 1CTN
K-C04 GPR-1/GP605 K GP-550/558/605/600/IR7200/8070/IR-8500 1650g 36000 10 pcs/CTN
K-C05 GPR-2/GP300 K GP-285/300/315/335/355/405/IR400 530g 12000 10 pcs/CTN
IR Series
K-C06 GPR-4/C-EXV 1/NPG-16 K IR5000/6000/5020/6020/7000/8000 1650g 36000 10 pcs/CTN
K-C07 GPR-6/C-EXV 3/NPG-18 K IR-2200/2800/3300/3320/2850/2250/GPR-6 795g 15000 6 pcs/CTN
K-C08 GPR-7/C-EXV 4/NPG-19 K IR-105/8500/9070/105/85/9075 1650g 36000 10 pcs/CTN
K-C09 GPR-8/C-EXV 5/NPG-20 K IR1600/1610/2000/155/165/200/2010/1600N/
440g 10000 12 pcs/box
K-C10 GPR-10/C-EXV 7/NPG-21 K IR-1200/1210/1230/1270/1310/1330/1370/
280g 6000 12 pcs/CTN
K-C11 GPR-15/C-EXV 11/NPG-25 K IR2230/2270/2830/2870/3025/3030/3225/
1219g 26000 6 pcs/CTN
K-C12 GPR-16/C-EXV 12/NPG-26 K IR-3035/3045/3235/3245/3530/3570/4530/4570
1060g 23000 6 pcs/CTN
K-C13 GPR-17/C-EXV 13/NPG-27 K IR-5055/5065/5075/5570/6570 2200g 48000 10 pcs/CTN
K-C14 GPR-18/C-EXV 14/NPG-28 K IR2016/2018/2020/2022/2025/2030/2116/
460g 10400 12 pcs/CTN
K-C15 GPR-19/C-EXV 15/NPG-29 K IR-7015/7086/7095/7105 2000g 46000 3 pcs/CTN
K-C16 GPR-22/C-EXV 18/NPG-32 K IR-1018/1022/1023/1024/1018J/1022J/
440g 8400 12 pcs/CTN
K-C17 GPR-24/C-EXV 22/NPG-36 K IR-5050/5055/5065/5075 2000g 48000 3 pcs/CTN
K-C18 GPR-35/C-EXV32/NPG-51 K IR-2520/2525/2530/2520i/2525i/2530i 765g 14600 12 pcs/CTN
K-C19 GPR-34/C-EXV 33/NPG-50 K IR-2535/2545/2535i/2545i/5015/5015N
925g 19400 12 pcs/CTN
K-C20 GPR-37/C-EXV 35/NPG-53 K IR-8085/8095/8105/8285/8205/8295 2000g 48000 1CTN
K-C21 GPR-38/C-EXV 36/NPG-54 K IR-6075/6075S/6055/6065/6255/6265/6275 2000g 48000 1CTN
K-C22 GPR-39/C-EXV 37/NPG-55 K IR-1730/1740/1750/1730i/1740i/1750i 460g 15000 1CTN
K-C23 GPR-42/C-EXV 38/NPG-56 K IR-4045/4051/4025/4035 1545g 34200 1CTN
K-C24 GPR-43/C-EXV 39/NPG-57 K IR-4025/4035 1390g 30200 1CTN
K-C25 CEXV 40 K IR-1133/1133A/1133IF 1390g 30200 1CTN
K-C26 GPR-45/CEXV 42/NPG-59 K IR-2202/2002L/2202DN 480g 9000 1CTN
K-C27 GPR-48/C-EXV 43/NPG-61 K IR-400/500 700g 15200 1CTN
K-C28 GPR-54/C-EXV 50/NPG-68 K IR-1435/1435IF 700g 15200 1CTN
IRC Series
K-C29 GPR-11/C-EXV 8/NPG-22 K IR C2620/C2620/3200/C3220/CLC950 K:450g 24500 4pc/CTN
C C:450g 25000
M M:450g 25000
Y Y:450g 25000
K-C30 GPR-13/C-EXV 9/NPG-23 K IR C2570/3100C/3170/2570CI/3100CN/
K:636g 40000 4pc/CTN
C C:170g 9500
M M:170g 9500
Y Y:170g 9500
K-C31 GPR-20/C-EXV 16/NPG-30 K IR C5180/C5185 K:550g 26000 4pc/CTN
C C:500g 29000
M M:500g 29000
Y Y:500g 29000
K-C32 GPR-21/C-EXV 17/NPG-31 K IR C4080/C4580 K:550g 26000 4pc/CTN
C C:500g 29000
M M:500g 29000
Y Y:500g 29000
K-C33 GPR-23/C-EXV 21/NPG-35 K IR C2550/2880/C3380/3480/C3080/C3880/C2550i
K:575g 23000 8pc/CTN
C C:260g 18000
M M:260g 18000
Y Y:260g 18000
K-C34 GPR-26/C-EXV 24/NPG-38 K IR C5870/C5800/C6800/C6880 K:636g 23000 8pc/CTN
C C:170g 8500
M M:170g 8500
Y Y:170g 8500
K-C35 GPR-30/C-EXV 28/NPG-45 K IR C5045/C5051/AC 5045i/
K:980g 45000 9pc/CTN
C C:667g 39000
M M:667g 39000
Y Y:667g 39000
K-C36 GPR-31/C-EXV 29/NPG-46 K IR C5030/C5035/AC5030/
K:720g 35000 9pc/CTN
C C:484g 28000
M M:484g 28000
Y Y:484g 28000
K-C37 GPR-32/C-EXV 30/NPG-47 K IR C9060/9065/9070/9075 K:1440g 72000 12pc/CTN
C C:1040g 54000
M M:1040g 54000
Y Y:1040g 54000
K-C38 GPR-33/C-EXV 31/NPG-48 K IR C7055/7065/C7260/7270 K:1660g 80000 8pc/CTN
C C:940g 50000
M M:940g 50000
Y Y:940g 50000
K-C39 GPR-36/C-EXV 34/NPG-52 K IR C2020/C2025/C2030/AC2020i/2025i/
K:420g 23000 12pc/CTN
C C:270g 19000
M M:270g 19000
Y Y:270g 19000
K-C40 GPR-51/C-EXV 47/NPG-65 K IR C250/C350/C351 K:180g 21500 12pc/CTN
C C:180g 19000
M M:180g 19000
Y Y:180g 19000
K-C41 GPR-53/C-EXV 49/NPG-67 K IR C3320/3325/3330 K:790g 21500 12pc/CTN
C C:463g 19000
M M:463g 19000
Y Y:463g 19000

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