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Canon GPR-33/C-EXV 31/NPG-48 Toner for IR C7055/7065/C7260/7270

  • GPR-33/C-EXV 31/NPG-48
  • On time Delivery
  • Neutral or Kreyoly Brand
  • Competitive Price
  • Stable Quality
  • kreyoly
  • Neutral Packages and Kreyoly Brand Packages
  • China
  • 3707902000
Xiamen Kreyoly Office Supplies Co., Ltd. as a specialized manufacturer of Copier Consumables, we can offer you a series of COPIER TONER CARTRIDGE, TONER POWDER, DEVELOPER and PARTS for CANON, RICOH, KYOCERA, KONICA-MINOLTA, TOSHIBA, SHARP, PANASONIC and other brand.

Product Description:
1. Model: GPR-33/C-EXV 31/NPG-48
2. Brand: Neutral or Kreyoly Brand
3. For use in: Canon IR C7055/7065/C7260/7270

Additional Information:
1. Standard: SGS
2. Packing: Neutral Package and Kreyoly Brand Package.
3. Testing: 100% test before shipment.
4. Trade Term: FOB, CNF, EXW, CIF
5. Payment Term: T/T, L/C, Western Union.
6. Delivery: Within 10 days after receive the payment.
7. Shipping: By air, sea, railway and express

We are devoted to providing the high quality products with reasonable price.
If you are interesting in our product, please feel free to contact us for detail information.

Trust us. We are your reliable partner in China!!!
Kreyoly Code Original Code Color Chip For Use in Machine Model Toner Load Copy Yield
Master pack
NPG Series
K-C01 NPG-1 K NP1015/1050/1215/1215S/1218/1510/1520/1530/
2020/2010/2155/1550/NPG-1/SELEX GR1650/2010/3200
190g 3800 8 boxes/CTN
K-C02 NP6/7/8000 K NP5060/6650/7050/7550/8530/8580/8570 1500g 32000 10 pcs/CTN
GP Series
K-C03 GP200 K GP-200/200F/210/215 530g 1CTN
K-C04 GPR-1/GP605 K GP-550/558/605/600/IR7200/8070/IR-8500 1650g 36000 10 pcs/CTN
K-C05 GPR-2/GP300 K GP-285/300/315/335/355/405/IR400 530g 12000 10 pcs/CTN
IR Series
K-C06 GPR-4/C-EXV 1/NPG-16 K IR5000/6000/5020/6020/7000/8000 1650g 36000 10 pcs/CTN
K-C07 GPR-6/C-EXV 3/NPG-18 K IR-2200/2800/3300/3320/2850/2250/GPR-6 795g 15000 6 pcs/CTN
K-C08 GPR-7/C-EXV 4/NPG-19 K IR-105/8500/9070/105/85/9075 1650g 36000 10 pcs/CTN
K-C09 GPR-8/C-EXV 5/NPG-20 K IR1600/1610/2000/155/165/200/2010/1600N/
440g 10000 12 pcs/box
K-C10 GPR-10/C-EXV 7/NPG-21 K IR-1200/1210/1230/1270/1310/1330/1370/
280g 6000 12 pcs/CTN
K-C11 GPR-15/C-EXV 11/NPG-25 K IR2230/2270/2830/2870/3025/3030/3225/
1219g 26000 6 pcs/CTN
K-C12 GPR-16/C-EXV 12/NPG-26 K IR-3035/3045/3235/3245/3530/3570/4530/4570
1060g 23000 6 pcs/CTN
K-C13 GPR-17/C-EXV 13/NPG-27 K IR-5055/5065/5075/5570/6570 2200g 48000 10 pcs/CTN
K-C14 GPR-18/C-EXV 14/NPG-28 K IR2016/2018/2020/2022/2025/2030/2116/
460g 10400 12 pcs/CTN
K-C15 GPR-19/C-EXV 15/NPG-29 K IR-7015/7086/7095/7105 2000g 46000 3 pcs/CTN
K-C16 GPR-22/C-EXV 18/NPG-32 K IR-1018/1022/1023/1024/1018J/1022J/
440g 8400 12 pcs/CTN
K-C17 GPR-24/C-EXV 22/NPG-36 K IR-5050/5055/5065/5075 2000g 48000 3 pcs/CTN
K-C18 GPR-35/C-EXV32/NPG-51 K IR-2520/2525/2530/2520i/2525i/2530i 765g 14600 12 pcs/CTN
K-C19 GPR-34/C-EXV 33/NPG-50 K IR-2535/2545/2535i/2545i/5015/5015N
925g 19400 12 pcs/CTN
K-C20 GPR-37/C-EXV 35/NPG-53 K IR-8085/8095/8105/8285/8205/8295 2000g 48000 1CTN
K-C21 GPR-38/C-EXV 36/NPG-54 K IR-6075/6075S/6055/6065/6255/6265/6275 2000g 48000 1CTN
K-C22 GPR-39/C-EXV 37/NPG-55 K IR-1730/1740/1750/1730i/1740i/1750i 460g 15000 1CTN
K-C23 GPR-42/C-EXV 38/NPG-56 K IR-4045/4051/4025/4035 1545g 34200 1CTN
K-C24 GPR-43/C-EXV 39/NPG-57 K IR-4025/4035 1390g 30200 1CTN
K-C25 CEXV 40 K IR-1133/1133A/1133IF 1390g 30200 1CTN
K-C26 GPR-45/CEXV 42/NPG-59 K IR-2202/2002L/2202DN 480g 9000 1CTN
K-C27 GPR-48/C-EXV 43/NPG-61 K IR-400/500 700g 15200 1CTN
K-C28 GPR-54/C-EXV 50/NPG-68 K IR-1435/1435IF 700g 15200 1CTN
IRC Series
K-C29 GPR-11/C-EXV 8/NPG-22 K IR C2620/C2620/3200/C3220/CLC950 K:450g 24500 4pc/CTN
C C:450g 25000
M M:450g 25000
Y Y:450g 25000
K-C30 GPR-13/C-EXV 9/NPG-23 K IR C2570/3100C/3170/2570CI/3100CN/
K:636g 40000 4pc/CTN
C C:170g 9500
M M:170g 9500
Y Y:170g 9500
K-C31 GPR-20/C-EXV 16/NPG-30 K IR C5180/C5185 K:550g 26000 4pc/CTN
C C:500g 29000
M M:500g 29000
Y Y:500g 29000
K-C32 GPR-21/C-EXV 17/NPG-31 K IR C4080/C4580 K:550g 26000 4pc/CTN
C C:500g 29000
M M:500g 29000
Y Y:500g 29000
K-C33 GPR-23/C-EXV 21/NPG-35 K IR C2550/2880/C3380/3480/C3080/C3880/C2550i
K:575g 23000 8pc/CTN
C C:260g 18000
M M:260g 18000
Y Y:260g 18000
K-C34 GPR-26/C-EXV 24/NPG-38 K IR C5870/C5800/C6800/C6880 K:636g 23000 8pc/CTN
C C:170g 8500
M M:170g 8500
Y Y:170g 8500
K-C35 GPR-30/C-EXV 28/NPG-45 K IR C5045/C5051/AC 5045i/
K:980g 45000 9pc/CTN
C C:667g 39000
M M:667g 39000
Y Y:667g 39000
K-C36 GPR-31/C-EXV 29/NPG-46 K IR C5030/C5035/AC5030/
K:720g 35000 9pc/CTN
C C:484g 28000
M M:484g 28000
Y Y:484g 28000
K-C37 GPR-32/C-EXV 30/NPG-47 K IR C9060/9065/9070/9075 K:1440g 72000 12pc/CTN
C C:1040g 54000
M M:1040g 54000
Y Y:1040g 54000
K-C38 GPR-33/C-EXV 31/NPG-48 K IR C7055/7065/C7260/7270 K:1660g 80000 8pc/CTN
C C:940g 50000
M M:940g 50000
Y Y:940g 50000
K-C39 GPR-36/C-EXV 34/NPG-52 K IR C2020/C2025/C2030/AC2020i/2025i/
K:420g 23000 12pc/CTN
C C:270g 19000
M M:270g 19000
Y Y:270g 19000
K-C40 GPR-51/C-EXV 47/NPG-65 K IR C250/C350/C351 K:180g 21500 12pc/CTN
C C:180g 19000
M M:180g 19000
Y Y:180g 19000
K-C41 GPR-53/C-EXV 49/NPG-67 K IR C3320/3325/3330 K:790g 21500 12pc/CTN
C C:463g 19000
M M:463g 19000
Y Y:463g 19000

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