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MPC2500 COLOR DEVELOPER FOR RICOH MPC2000/2500/3000/3500/4500

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We, Xiamen Kreyoly Office Supplies Co., Ltd, can offer you Copier Spare Parts 100% compatible for Canon, Ricoh, Minolta, Toshiba, Konica Sharp, Kyocera, Panasonic, Xerox series of copier machine.
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1. Mode: Ricoh MPC 2500 Developer Black

2. For use in: Ricoh MPC2000/2500/3000/3500/4500

3. Choose qualified raw materials and technologies from Japan.

4. On time delivery.

5. Other types
Brand Name Original Code Weight Copy Yield For Use in Machine Model
RICOH Type 1 Developer 1000g FT5632/5832/5640/5840/FT7650/7660/7670
Type 3 Developer 270g FT3613/3813/4015/4018/4615/4621
Type 7 Developer 1000g AFICIO 550 650
Type 14 Developer 1000g AFICIO 850
Type 15 Developer 1000g AFICIO 1050, 1055, 550, 551, 650, 700, 850,
- Savin Digital Copier AFICIO 2070DP 2555, Copier AFICIO 2055DP
- Gestetner Copier Digital AFICIO 3355, 3370, 5502
Type 18 Developer 500g 300K AF 1045/1035
Type 19 Developer 345g 60K AF1015/1012/1018/1113/1115
Type 21 Developer 1000g 350K AF 1085/1105/2090/2105
Type 24 Developer 900g 350K AF1075/1065/1035/1060/2051/2060/2075/MP7500/MP6500
Type 26 Developer 520g 300K AF 2035/2045/3035/3045
Type 27 Developer AF MP1100/1350/9000 PRO 906 PRO 907
Type 28 Developer 345g 60K MP1610L/MP1610LD/A2015/A2018/A2018D/2020/2020D/2015L/MP1800/1801/MP1810Lseries,
MP2014 315g 60K MP2014/2014D
MP4000 Developer 500g MP3500/4000/4500/5000
MPC2500 Developer(B/Y/C/M) 220g Ricoh MPC2000/2500/3000/3500/4500/SPC810/811
KYOCERA DV590(B/Y/C/M) TK590/FS-C2026/2126/2526
DV1530 KM 1525/1530/1570/2030
DV4530 KM 4530/5530/D45/56
DV110 200g 60K 152/162/180/163/211/1610/106B
DV116 200g 60K Konica Minolta BH184/164/165/195/215/116
DV301 600g 7022/7130/7135
DV302 750g 7222/7228/7235
DV310 300g 100K Konica Minolta BH200/250/350/282/362
DV411 300g 120K Konica Minolta BH 283/363/223
DV511 510g BH420/421/500/501/360/361
DV601 780g EP 6000/6001/601B
DV603 400g DI 520/620/603B
DV604 DI 551/5510/650/7210/7272
DV610 400g Bizhub Pro C5500/5501/6500/6501
DV701 DI 750/701B
DV710 780g Bizhub Pro C5500/5501/6500/6501
DV910 780g BH PRO 920/910
DV311 (B/Y/C/M) 210g Konica Minolta C220/280/360
DV512 (B/Y/C/M) 210g Konica Minolta Bizhub C224/284/364/454/554
IU25 (B/Y/C/M) C25/35
DV200 (B/Y/C/M) 250g Bizhub c200,c253,c203,c353
IU 210 (B/Y/C/M) 250g Konica Minolta C250/252
IU211 (B/Y/C/M) 245g Konica Minolta C200/203/203/253/353
IU216(B/Y/C/M) Konica Minolta Bizhub C220/280/360
IU310 (B/Y/C/M) 435g Konica Minolta C350/351/450
IU312(B/Y/C/M) C20/31
IU313 (B/Y/C/M) C353
IU610(B/Y/C/M) Bizhub C452/552/652
Minolta C500 (B/Y/C/M) Konica Minolta C500
TOSHIBA 2320 500g E-Studio 230/230S/280/280S/232/163/203/165/205/206/207/237
D-FC28 (C/Y/M/K) 330g 2020C/2820C/3520C/2330C/2530C/3530C/4530C
D-FC35 (C/Y/M/K) 360g C2500/3500/3510/4510
D-FC25 (C/Y/M/K) 330g 2040C/2540C/3040C/3540C/4540C
D281C (K) 281C/351C/451C/3511C/4511C
BD-1550 670g BD-1550/1560/1580/1568/1556
BD-1710 BD-1710/1650/2050/2310/2500
BD-2060 500g BD-2060/2860/2870/2068
BD-3560 BD-3560/3570
BD-4560 BD-4560/4570
D-1550 670g
D-3500 450g E-28/35/45/358/288/358/458
D-2460 650g DP2460/2570
D-6000 1400g E-600/720/850
D-4530 500g
D-2505 200g
D-6510 1500g E-650/310
D-1600 210g E-168/169/208/209/258/259
DP-2820 500g DP-2320/2820
BD-1310 BD-1310/3810/35P
D281C (C/Y/M) 281C/351C/451C/3511C/4511C
FQ-ZK-10 FP 7718/7722/7818/7824
FQ-ZK-20PU FP 7728/7735/7830/7835/7845
DP8016 / DQ-Z-60J 400g 60k DP-1515/1520/1820/8016/8020/Z260J
DP2310/2330 / Z-120 600g 120k DP-2310/3010/2330/3030/Z120E
AR-152SD 170g AR-121/122/152/168/208/5012/5420/M150/AL1000
AR-202SD 400g 50k AR-160/163/164//200/201/205/206/207/5015/5316/M160/M205
AR-205SD 300g 50k AR-20/205/225/275/236/5516/5520
AR-271SD 400g 50k AR-215/235/275/5625/5631/M26/28/M208/M236/M237/M257/M317
AR-312 300g 50k
AR-335 DV AR 335/337
AR-450 450g 50k M-350/M450/310U/420U
AR-455 SD 500g AR M351/451/455
AR-450ND 450g ARM280/ARM350/ARM450
AR 503 DV AR MX500NV/283/363/453/503N/MX-500NV
AR-620SD M-550N/620N/770N
MX-235AV 300g AR 1818/2008/2308/2328
MX-312AV 400g 75k MX 312GT/MX-260/310/AR5726/5731
MX-500AV 310g 50k MX-M283N/M363N/M363U MX-M453N/M453U/M503N/M503U
MX-850NV MX-M850/M950/M1100
SF 216DV SF 216/2016/2018/1016/1018
FO-56ND AL2021/2031/2041/2051 FO2081
Xerox S1810 200g 60k
105 40g 3k
D286 245g 120k

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