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Good Compatibiity Ricoh MP3500 MP4500 Toner Cartridge

  • MP3500 MP4500
  • Perfect Package
  • Stable and high quality
  • Good Copy Yield
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  • Neutral Packages, Kreyoly Brand Packages
  • China
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Xiamen Kreyoly Office Supplies Co., Ltd. as a specialized manufacturer of Copier Consumables, we can offer you a series of COPIER TONER CARTRIDGE, TONER POWDER, DEVELOPER and PARTS for CANON, RICOH, KYOCERA, KONICA-MINOLTA, TOSHIBA, SHARP, PANASONIC and other brand.

Product Description:
1. Model: MP3500 MP4500
2. Brand: Ricoh
3. Color: Black
4. Toner Load: 550g/PC
5. For use in: Ricoh MP3500/4000/4500/5000
6. Inner Packing: 4PCS/box
7. Copier Yield(5%):23, 000pages
Ricoh Copier Toner Cartridge List
Kreyoly Code Original Code Color For Use in Machine Model Toner Load Copy Yield
Master pack
AF Series
K-R01 AF 1220D/1140D BK AF1015/1018/2016/2020/1018D/1113 260g 9000 6pcs/ctn
K-R02 AF1150D/1250D BK AF1013/1013F 230g 7000 6pcs/ctn
K-R04 AF 1230D/1130D/1610D BK AF-2015/2018/2016/2020/1500/MP1600/
260g 9000 6pcs/ctn
K-R05 AF 1250D/1150D BK AF-1013 230g 7000 6pcs/ctn
K-R06 AF 1270D/1170D BK AF-1515/1515F/1515MF/MP161/161F/
230g 7000 6pcs/ctn
K-R07 AF 2205D/2105D BK AF-200/250 216g 8000 6pcs/ctn
K-R08 AF 2210D/2110D BK AF-220/270/3300/AP3200/AP2700 360g 11000 6ctns
K-R09 AF 2220D/2320D/2120D BK AF-1022/2022/2027/2032/2550/3350/
360g 11000 4pcs/ctn
K-R10 AF 3200D/3100D BK AF-340/350/355/450/455/345 550g 27000 4pcs/ctn
K-R11 AF 3205D/3105D BK AF-1035/1045/1035P/1045P/AP4510/
550g 23000 4pcs/ctn
K-R12 AF 3210D/3110D BK AF-2035/2045/3035/3045 550g 23000 4bag/ctn
K-R13 AF 5200D/5100D BK AF-560/650/600/550 1100g 42000 4pcs/ctn
K-R14 AF 5205D/5305D BK AF-551/550/700/1055 1110g 43000 4pcs/ctn
K-R15 AF 6210D/6110D BK AF-1060/1070/1075/2051/2060/2075/
1100g 43000 4pcs/ctn
K-R16 AF 8105D/8205D/MP 1350 BK AF-1085/1105/290/2105 MP900/1100/
1600g 55000 4pcs/ctn
K-R17 MP 1610 BK AF 2015/2018F/2020/MP1600/2000 185g 6000 6pcs/ctn
K-R18 MP 2014 BK AF-MP2014/2014D 390g 5500 6pcs/ctn
K-R19 MP 2500 BK MP 2500 230g 7000 6pcs/ctn
K-R20 MP 2501 BK MP 1813L/2013L/2001/2501SP/SP1913L 230g 7000 6pcs/ctn
K-R21 MP 301 BK AF-MP301sp/MP301SPF
200g 8000 6pcs/ctn
K-R22 MP 401 BK AF MP401SF/4520DN 10400 6pcs/ctn
K-R23 MP 4500 BK MP 3500/4000/4500/5000 630g 28000 4pcs/ctn
K-R24 MP 6054 BK MP 4054/5054/6054/4054SP/5054SP/6054SP 37000 4pcs/ctn
K-R25 SP 4510 BK SP3600DN/3600DF/3610SF/4510DF/4510SF 12000 4pcs/ctn
K-R26 SP 5200 BK SP5200S/5200DN/5210DN/5210SF/5210SR 25000 4pcs/ctn
K-R27 SP 6400 BK SP6400/6410/6420/6430/6440M/6430M/6420M 10000 4pcs/ctn
K-R28 SP 8200 BK SP8200DN/8300DN 36000 4pcs/ctn
SP C Series
K-R29 SP C 410 K SP C410DN/SPC411DN/SPC420DN K:350g 14000 12pc/CTN
C C:350g 14000
M M:350g 14000
Y Y:350g 14000
K-R30 SP C 811 K SP 810/811/SPC811DN K:450g 20000 12pc/CTN
C C:360g 15000
M M:360g 15000
Y Y:360g 15000
K-R31 SP C 820 K SP C820/821/SPC 820DN/SPC821DN K:450g 20000 12pc/CTN
C C:360g 15000
M M:360g 15000
Y Y:360g 15000
K-R32 SP C830 K SPC830/831/SPC830DN/SPC831DN K:365g 21000 12pc/CTN
C C:305g 25000
M M:305g 25000
Y Y:305g 25000
K-R33 SP C430 K SPC430/431DN/ SPC420DN/SPC421DN K:360g 24000 12pc/CTN
C C:360g 21000
M M:360g 21000
Y Y:360g 21000
K-R34 MP C305 K MP C305SP/C305SPF K:224g 12000 12pc/CTN
C C:83g 4000
M M:83g 4000
Y Y:83g 4000
K-R35 MP C2030 K MP C2030/2050/2530/2550 K:215g 10000 12pc/CTN
C C:135g 7000
M M:135g 7000
Y Y:135g 7000
K-R36 MP C2500 K MP C2000/2500/3000/2000SPF /2500SPF/3000SPF K:450g 21000 12pc/CTN
C C:360g 16000
M M:360g 16000
Y Y:360g 16000
K-R37 MP C2800 K MP C2800/3300 K:450g 23000 12pc/CTN
C C:370g 15000
M M:370g 15000
Y Y:370g 15000
K-R38 MP C3500 K MP C3500/4500 K:510g 25000 12pc/CTN
C C:400g 18000
M M:400g 18000
Y Y:400g 18000
K-R39 MP C4000 K MP C4000/5000 K:510g 25000 12pc/CTN
C C:410g 18000
M M:410g 18000
Y Y:410g 18000
K-R40 MP C2031 K MP C2031/2051/2531/2551 K:210g 10000 12pc/CTN
C C:210g 9500
M M:210g 9500
Y Y:210g 9500
K-R41 MP C3501 K MP C3501/3001 K:460g 22500 12pc/CTN
C C:370g 15000
M M:370g 15000
Y Y:370g 15000
K-R42 MP C5501 K MP C4501/5501 K:520g 25500 12pc/CTN
C C:410g 17000
M M:410g 17000
Y Y:410g 17000
K-R43 MP C305 K MP 305 SP / MPC305SPF K:225g 12000 12pc/CTN
C C:85g 4000
M M:85g 4000
Y Y:85g 4000
K-R44 MP C3502 K MP C3002/3502 K:510g 28000 12pc/CTN
C C:370g 18000
M M:370g 18000
Y Y:370g 18000
K-R45 MP C2503 K MP C2003/C2503 K:495g 15000 12pc/CTN
C C:331g 9500
M M:331g 9500
Y Y:331g 9500
K-R46 MP C3503 K MP C3003/C3503 K:495g 30000 12pc/CTN
C C:331g 18000
M M:331g 18000
Y Y:331g 18000
K-R47 MP C5502 K MP C4502/5502 K:560g 33000 12pc/CTN
C C:400g 22500
M M:400g 22500
Y Y:400g 22500
K-R48 MP C5503 K MP C4503/5503/6003 K:544g 33000 12pc/CTN
C C:400g 22500
M M:400g 22500
Y Y:400g 22500
K-R49 MP C7500/7501 K MP C6000/C6000SP/C7500/C7500SP
K:544g 43200 12pc/CTN
C C:400g 21600
M M:400g 21600
Y Y:400g 21600
K-R50 MP C3260/C5560 K MP C3260/C5560/SDC555/LC155 K:544g 36000 12pc/CTN
C C:400g 18000
M M:400g 18000
Y Y:400g 18000

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