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Duplo DRC 11 A4 Duplicator Master for use in DP-C120/C110/C100

  • DRC 11 A4
  • kreyoly
  • Neutral, Packages, OEM and Kreyoly Brand Packages
  • ISO9001, SGS
  • China
  • 3702442900
Now we can offer customers high quality duplicator master 100% compatible for Riso, Duplo, Ricoh, Gestetner series duplicator.

Model: DRC-11 A4
1. Stable quality with competitive price
2. Good copy yield
3. Choose qualified raw materials and technologies from Japan
4. On-time delivery
5. Perfect package in good out-looking
6. OEM service can meet specific requirements

1. For use in: DP-C120,DP-C110.
2. Roll diameter: 48mm
3. Length: 100m
4. Inner packing: 2rolls/box;
Box dimensions (l*w*h): 205*105*253;
Outer packing: 5boxes/CTN;
Carton dimensions (l*w*h): 545*210*260.
DR 630 A4 (100m) 51*227mm DP2030/2050 40rolls/CTN
DR 670,671,677 B4 (100m) 51*270mm DP31E/31S/33S/33F/33E/3300/3350 40rolls/CTN
DR 670 A4 (100m) 51*230mm DP3100,DP3300 40rolls/CTN
DR 580 B4 51*270mm DP3060,3070,3080,3085,3350,3090,3000 40rolls/CTN
DR 870/871 B4 (100m) 48*270mm DP23S/23F/24F/43S/240E 40rolls/CTN
DR 831 A4 (100m) 48*230mm DP21L/22L 40rolls/CTN
DR 650,655 A3 100m 51*310mm DP4030/43E/43F/43S 40rolls/CTN
DR 700(600DPI) 51*310mm DP63S/63F 40rolls/CTN
DR 33 B4 (100m) 47.5*280mm DP-330 40rolls/CTN
DR 34 B4 (100m) 47.5*280mm DP-340 40rolls/CTN
DR 43 A3 (100m) 47.5*320mm DP-430 40rolls/CTN
DR 44 A3 (100m) 47.5*320mm DP-440 40rolls/CTN
DR 53 B4 (100m) 47.5*280mm DP-2530 40rolls/CTN
DR 54 B4 (100m) 47.5*280mm DP-2540 40rolls/CTN
DR 93 A3 (100m) 47.5*320mm DP-2930 40rolls/CTN
DRS 65 A3 (100m) 47.5*306mm DP-S650 40rolls/CTN
DRS 85 A3 (100m) 47.5*306mm DP-S850 40rolls/CTN
DRS 512 A4 (100m) 47.5*227mm DP-S520/S510 40rolls/CTN
DRS 522 B4 (100m) 47.5*280mm DP-S520 40rolls/CTN
DRS 553 A3 (100m) 47.5*320mm DP-S550 40rolls/CTN
DRC 11 A4 (100m) 47.5*227mm DP-C120/C110/C100 40rolls/CTN
DRC 12 B4 (100m) 47.5*280mm DP-C120/C125/C100 40rolls/CTN
DRU 512 A4 (100m) 47.5*227mm DP-U510 40rolls/CTN
DRU 522 B4 (100m) 47.5*280mm DP-U520 40rolls/CTN
DRU 553 A3 (100m) 47.5*320mm DP-U550 40rolls/CTN

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