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Description of Canon IR8105 Upper Roller

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Special Performance of Titanium Alloy Material

In the continuous warming environment, the titanium alloy material temperature will automatically demagnetize and keep the temperature from rising.

Due to the particularity of the material and high development cost; currently, it is comconly used in aircraft engines and the exhaust Pipe of sports cars.


The Performance of Canon iR Adv8105 Upper Fuser Rroller

When the temperature of the Canon iR Adv8105machine set in the 230 °C degrees Celsius (446 Fahrenheit), the machine reaches 230 °C degrees Celsius (446 Fahrenheit) will show an error codeE000001-0002).  We use the titanium alloy material of upper fuser roller can control the temperature in the 228 °C(442.4 Fahrenheit), When the temperature is less than 226 °C (438.8 Fahrenheit), the machine will be in high speed printing, when the temperature rise to 228 ° C (442.4 Fahrenheit) also will automatically reduce the speed, at the same time, the machine is in automatic cooling when the temperature down to 223 °C (433.4 Fahrenheit) also will be in high speed printing again. 

The Disadvantages of Other Manufacturers of Upper Fuser Roller

Other manufacturers upper roller will use the ordinary A3 iron pipe, which will make the temperature rising very fast, when printing A4 paper size straight or B5 straight  (TYPE - 1/2 - SIDE - 1  Test Mode) even only 100 copy yield the machine showed an error code (E000001-0002) and stop working. due to the temperature was more than 230 °C degrees Celsius (446 Fahrenheit). 


Coating Material (the Best Two): 1.DAKIN 2.DUPONT

DAKIN:Excellent life cycle,but the coating is so rough that will make the roller stick the toner easily.

DUPONT:The coating is smooth, but the life cycle is not reach to Dakins.

Our IR8105 Upper Roller is protected by PFA outer layer, which have good fixing results and the roller will not stick the toner easily. 

Also together using our IR8105 Upper Roller and Lower Roller (Sponge Type), The Page Yield can reach One Million.

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